Waterfall on Farmer's Branch Creek north of Pumphrey Drive Trail Head

Trail north of waterfall on Farmer's Branch Creek, headed for River

Ridgmar Neighborhood Association

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Trinity Trails
 Ridgmar Connection


After working with the Trinity River Vision staff for over five years we have secured a Ridgmar connection to the Trinity Trails System. Several routes for a new trail extension are under study at this time (purple lines on map below right are several proposed routes). The trail will run from the recently completed trailhead (figure I on map) at Pumphrey Drive (Main access to NAS Fort Worth JRB) along Pumphrey Drive, cross Roaring Springs Road and either continue along the west side of Shady Oaks Golf Course and the west side of Kings Branch Creek greenbelt behind the new commercial area (first choice), or run along SH 183 (second choice).

No mater which of the routes are finally chosen for the trail, there will be a pedestrian bridge over Kings Branch Creek to the Ridgmar (east) side of the creek where the Ridgmar Trailhead will be located adjacent to the creek, somewhere in the open area to the west of the intersection of Ridgmar Boulevard and Newport Court. Although the proposed trail is shown to extend south up Ridgmar Boulevard for a short ways, that will not be the case. It will end at the trailhead.

From the Ridgmar Trailhead to the Pumphrey Drive Trailhead will be less than a mile. The Tarrant Regional Water District has recently reinforced and beautified a natural eighty-foot wide, multi-level waterfall located about .3 of a mile beyond Pumphrey Drive on Farmers Branch Creek. This is an extremely scenic area and is by far the most beautiful waterfall area in Tarrant County. Another .7 of a mile takes you along Farmers Branch Creek across three new pedestrian bridges to the West Fork of the Trinity River and another trailhead close to where the river crosses under 183 and accesses the entire West Fork West Segment of the Trinity Trail, which meanders 10 miles from Lake Worth downstream to the confluence with the Clear Fork in the Downtown area. At that point, one has access to the entire Trinity Trail System that goes south all the way to Benbrook Lake, north to the Stockyards, and east to Arlington, and eventually on to Dallas. The trail system is open to all joggers,walkers, bikers, runners, dogs on leashs and equestrians.

For more information on the Trinity Trails System click on trinityrivervision.org

Larry Patterson

Bridge across Farmer's Branch Creek north of waterfall

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