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Sprinkler Repair

Lawn Sprinkler repair

Rocky Batt....... Irrigation Specialist 817-714-8166


I’ve had 3 different “sprinkler system specialists”, including the installer (Kelley’s) look at the system, only to have them “patch” two areas together to remedy a wiring fault.... resulting in less pressure to heads, thus less coverage!

All Tarrant Plumbing recommended Rocky Batt, an independent irrigation specialist, to see if he could help with my on-going problem. Batt took about 2 hours to trace wiring, repair a short, replace a splice, and my system runs like new! Rocky is an irrigation specialist with the ISD FW, and does moonlighting after hours and on weekends. He’s also only about 3-4 miles away from our neighborhood.

Feel free to associate his recommendation with my name.

Hope it helps,

JD Smith

 For a number of years we have used "Jess Sprinkler Installation and Repair." Jess M. Johnston, III is the owner and chief yard engineer. He did a masterful job installing a drain system by our front driveway and north side of our yard. Before his installation we had had problems with rainwater filling our garage almost up to the entrance to our den.

Jess also checks our irrigation (sprinkler) system annually.

Jess Sprinkler Installation and Repair


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