Ridgmar Neighborhood Association

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Ridgmar Wildlife

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If you are interested in protecting and caring for our native Ridgmar wildlife some of the following contact information will be helpful.

George and Kay Singleton are local animal rehabbers. George Singleton is President of WildCareTX, Inc., his email is bsnsplan@yahoo.com.
Their contact is 682-556-2311.


Click on wildcaretx.org for more information about Wildcare or what to do if you find an injured animal.


 Did you know?
It's not the squirrels or opossums chewing on your trees, roof, or woodwork. It's tree/field rats, which Ridgmar is overrun with.

Our native Texas Rat Snakes and Speckled King Snakes help curb the rat (and other vermin) population.


If you find injured animals, or abandoned young ones, Ted Freeman at North Texas Wildlife Rescue can assist you. He is a licensed animal rehabber. He specializes in Squirrels, Raccoons and opossums, but gladly accepts all types of wild animal. Normally he will come pick them up. He doesn’t charge for his services, but will probably accept a small donation to his non-profit organization. He can also tell you how to evict animals from attics or out buildings without harming them. He rehabs the animals and releases them on one of several wildlife preserves to which he has access. Over the years, I have taken many animals to him at his home at 1402 Paxton in Arlington. Call him day or night at 817-301-2531.


DFW Wildlife Coalition Hot Line 972-234-wild (9453) is manned 7 A.M – 10 P.M. They have a list of all animal rescue agencies in the DFW area.


Donate by doing the following, or a give a donation.


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