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Ridgmar is an extremely stable neighborhood. Many residents have lived here for well over twenty, thirty, or even forty years. Although most of the homes were built between 1957 and the mid-seventies, there are still many original owners living in the neighborhood. There are also many second and even third generation homeowners. It is not unusual to find a son or daughter living just around the corner, or a few blocks away from their parents and the house they grew up in. Many people have moved back home to Ridgmar after a job, or another reason took them away for a period. Consequentially, many of our neighbors have a wealth of corporate knowledge about Ridgmar. If you would like to share your Ridgmar memories and/or photos, please send them to admin@ridgmar.net and they will be posted below.


John Maddux of Ridgmar Development Company has offered to share his archived Ridgmar photos and documents with us. Once he has had time to sort through it and locate the good stuff, it will be posted here.


Following, are three short examples.

Jan 1960: 1700 Aden looking NW toward Carswell/GD & 183

Evelyn Moellenhoff has lived on the SW corner of Aden and Genoa at 1700 Aden Road for over fifty years. She and her husband closed on the house Dec 1959 and moved in Jan 1960. There were already houses on both sides of Aden from Genoa to Dakar, and hers was the last one built on the block. As the photo above shows, there were no trees in the area and no houses on Genoa to the west.  General Dynamics is clearly visable in the background with nothing blocking the view but acres of buffalo grass.

Feb 2010: 1700 Aden looking NE across Genoa. A fence prevented getting the exact same shot as the one on the right, but the direction is the same.


Kirston Henderson, a RNA past president, and his wife purchased a lot at 1709 Ridgmar Boulevard 1960. They also bought a house at 6429 Ems to live in temporarily until his house on Ridgmar was designed and built. It took a while. Seven years later, they moved in to their new home on Ridgmar, and have lived there ever since.



  Larry Patterson




5o years later: 1700 Aden looking same direction

Evelyn now shares her home with her 94-year-old mother.

As you can see below, there was nothing south of Genoa except open fields all the way to 183 and Carswell AB. Evelyn also remembers the Park being nothing but open ground. 

Jan 1960: looking NE across Genoa from 1700 Aden

Long-time Ridgmar resident Sandra Pound’s parents were the first owners of their home on the southeast corner of Genoa and Malibar, which was featured in the 1963 “Ridgmar Parade of Homes.” Once Sandra locates the brochure, it will be posted here. The house on Genoa eventually passed on to Sandra, which she owned until two years ago. Sandra built her own home on the southwest corner of Ems and Trafalgar in 1974 and still lives there.

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