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Ridgmar Hobbies

      Robert Reid's Hobbies

It’s difficult to determine exactly where Ridgmar resident Robert Reid’s interests as a professional end and those of hobbyist take over. As a pro, for over 17 years, his Robert Reid Studios has built all the scale modes for Lockheed’s Missile and Fire Control Division, and reconstructed many artifacts for the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. As a hobbyist, he has amassed and restored a vast collection of vintage plastic models and kits from the fifties and early sixties, and collected numerous fossils from the DFW area. He also has an extremely interesting T-bucket flathead hotrod.


Robert is always looking for vintage models—commercial or kit built—to add to his collection. If you have any available, please call him at 817-732-2140.

An example of Robert’s reconstructive talents is this full sized model of the femur of a 150 million year old Paluxysaurus found in Glen Rose, TX. The actual femur is at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Robert’s company Robert Reid Studios did a complete reconstruction of the 60-foot long, 13-foot high (at shoulder) dinosaur for the Museum. Using actual bones, he made a silicone rubber mold to make a hollow fiberglass lay up. As he had only 20% of the actual skeleton to work with, a friend at SMU drew 3D computer models of the missing elements that were read by an automated router, which cut the pieces out of foam. Once the pieces received their final shape and textural coating, the entire skeleton was assembled at Robert’s shop located near Springtown. The Paluxysaurus is on display at the Museum.


Ammonite somewhat smaller than the one to the right was found near Rosedale in a creek bed.

'50s and '60s counter culture artist and hotrod designer Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's "Rat Fink" logo from trunk lid.


Although it appears as if it rolled right off the screen of a drive in movie showing a late-forties/early-fifties “Hotrods From Hell” B Movie, Robert Reid’s classic looking T-Bucket flathead hotrod was actually built only ten years ago from authentic vintage Ford parts: a 1926 Model T body on a Model A frame, powered by a 40’s era flathead V-8 engine, 1939 3-speed transmission, and 1940 rear end (differential).

Depending on year built, the venerable old 239 cubic inch flathead mill originally cranked out between 90-100 horsepower.

               Robert's model collections
The photos below are just a small representation of Robert’s collection of fully restored very early plastic model kits from the fifties and sixties that is too vast to display in its entirety.

Military Models from the fifties.

Models of actual custom or show cars and classic T-birds.

 Hard to find vintage Revell display stand with models.

Larry Patterson





































































Crustacean (prehestoric lobster) 100,000,000 year old found near the Fort Worth Motorola Plant.


Robert found over 120 Shark vertebra and a few teeth embedded in limestone in SW Fort Worth. This example was professionally cleaned (limestone removed) to reveal the fossils.

This intact, very large two-foot diameter Ammonite in unusually good condition. Robert discovered it 20 years ago in a construction site in SW Fort Worth, off Brian Irving Road

                    Robert's Rod

Robert in his classic looking T-bucket flathead hotrod.

Bored out to increase displacement, with dual carbs, high compression aluminum Edelbrock racing heads, and from the sound of the ragged idle, some sort of hot racing cam, the old flathead undoubtedly puts out quite a few more ponies than it did in stock tune.

Cockpit showing vintage instrument cluster and Von Dutch design company’s “Flying Eyeball” logo, designed by Kenny Howard, the innovator of the 1960s "Kustom Car" craze, who virtually invented the freestyle pin-striping and painted flames that became signature of the Southern California car underground.

1/16 the scale WW II German Sturmgeschutz tank.

WW II Models

Robert has more models than you can even imagine.





















































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