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In the early Eighties, when several proposed road and zoning changes to Ridgmar threatened to affect the neighborhood adversely, a group of concerned Ridgmar residents formed the Ridgmar Neighborhood Association (RNA) and successful defeated the proposed changes. Since then, the RNA has continued to be actively involved in all issues concerning Ridgmar, and is dedicated to not only preserving but also improving the superb quality of life Ridgmar residents have grown to know and expect. 

                                    Ridgmar is a great place to live

Centrally located in the rolling hills just east of Highway 183, north of Interstate 30, and west of Westover Hills, Ridgmar is an ideal place to live, and is only a short drive to almost anywhere in town.

Unlike many older neighborhoods in Fort Worth and other large cities, Ridgmar has not deteriorated but has instead thrived and like a fine wine, it continually improves with age. It is a stable neighborhood—many residents have lived here for 30+ years. There are even still original owners who have lived here since the mid-Fifties and many second and even third generation Ridgmar residents.

Although most homes were built between 1957 and the early-Seventies, the mature live oaks and other trees have flourished, many of the residences have been enlarged and/or remodeled and modernized at least once, and the neighborhood has not become dated or shopworn. Marvin and Mary Leonard Park located in the heart of Ridgmar is one of the most neighborhood-friendly parks in the city.

Read about all the RNA accomplishments in the past on the "RNA Accomplishments" page under the "RNA Info" tab above.

Larry Patterson

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