Ridgmar Neighborhood Association

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Pet and House Sitting

Pet Sitters

My husband and I moved to the Ridgmar area at the beginning of the year. I am currently looking for work, but in the meantime would be happy to housesit and petsit if the pets are friendly to strangers. I can provide references.

Pat Jambor 817 269—6282

Many recommendations for Abbey’s Pet and House Sitters

Kelly Sullivan-owner


Email: service@abbeyspetsitting.com

I have used Abbey's Pet Setting . They are wonderful and very professional.

Ruth Ann Bell


Abbey’s Pet and House Sitters. They are wonderful.

We've used Abbey's Pet and Housesitting for the past six years. They're great. We've never had a problem.

Kathy Jackson

I have used Abbey's Pet and Housesitting. They are very professional.

Jenny Johns

We used Abby's pet sitting this August. We lost our dog @ the vet while on vacation, the thought of boarding makes my skin crawl !!! We had Kaytlin & our dogs loved her !!! they told me so. Lol. !! Highly re commend them!!!

Susie Phillips

Hi neighbors. I do pet sitting. My website is
www.MetroAnimals.com .


Charlsye Lewis

1900 Aden

We just got our puppy out of A four day stay at the grand pet resort salon

Location. Hulen and Donnelly


John Hall

Ridglea Pet Sitting


Karen and Sharon at Annie Os may be able to assist you. A friend of their's named Melinda Kirby used to offer that service.

Darleen Murphey

Annie O's Grooming

5624 Malvey Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107-5121

(817) 731-7297 ()

Try the Taylor’s on Versailles. I know their teenage boys have been doing this. Great kids. Very responsible.


Julie Anthony. 817-925-2259. She is 26 years old, available, and very reliable.

Jana Sowell does a couple of us in the neighborhood. I have 3 dogs and one cat she is great with all of them.


Kim Kilpatrick

Karen and Sharon at Annie Os are great pet sitters.

Darleen Murphey

My son is interested in doing this.

Cassy McBee


Add my son Logan to the list. He's turning 9 and looking for little jobs. I'm happy to help him make sure it's all done correct.

317-339-7718. Or my email

I have used teen, Anson Dipnarinesing for this purpose for a week when we went out of town. Anson is trustworthy. He has listed on your site before with lawn service, etc.

Anson - 817-732-9592 I don't know his schedule now with school, but you could try him!

My son does quite a bit of pet sitting, dog walking etc. He can give you references from some neighbors that he has worked for if you would like. He is 14 and we live on Versailles Rd. Our phone number is 817-731-7458. In fact my other two children dog sit some as well. There are other teenagers in the neighborhood that we can tell you about, too.

Kelly Taylor


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