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Judy McRaney

Judy McRaney’s Doll Houses

Judy McRaney, a longtime Ridgmar Resident, lives with her husband Max on Dakar Road West. In 1964, Judy and her first husband purchased the SE corner lot of Dakar and Sevilla and had their home built there.  

Judy builds doll houses and replicas of rooms. Four of her projects are pictured below, followed by more photos and information. 

    President Franklin Pierce's House Circa 1860

  Replica of Judy's parents' kitchen in Woodhaven, CT circa 1930s



      Andrew Jackson's Springfield Plantation living room circa 1790.

                         Judy’s replica of the room

                 Photo of actual room

   “New Orleans” house, which Judy built for the grandkids


First project was Pierce House, a Victorian home circa 1860, based upon the home of President Franklin Pierce.

Judy not only constructed the dollhouse, she also made all the furniture and accessories.

After completing, decorating, and furnishing the house, Judy wasn’t through yet. Next, she made a yard with a garden, fishpond, gazebo, and play area.

Childhood kitchen from the 1930s

   Springfield Plantation
On a trip to Fayette, Mississippi Judy and Max visited the French Colonial home (circa 1790) of Andrew Jackson's, Springfield Plantation. She was so impressed with the large 30 x 25 foot living room where Andrew Jackson married Rachel Robarts in 1791 that she decided to build a miniature of it.

Judy located appropriate Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture to replicate furnishings in the room. The floor is balsa wood scored with a nut-pick and stained to simulate planks of hardwood flooring. She found some appropriate “Dollhouse curtain material” for window treatments, and two hard to find rugs in a catalogue for $50 each.

Judy’s rooms on display

  New Orleans” house

Judy built this for her grandkids, as they were not allowed to touch the other houses.



























































In 1990, Judy began building scale model dollhouses and started what turned into a very interesting hobby. 

Each room has wallpaper, tiled, hardwood, or carpeted flooring, and window treatments. 


Finally Judy “planted” all the flowers and landscaping around the dollhouse.

Judy had fond memories of her parents' kitchen in Woodhaven, CT, so she made this exact replica.

Judy took the photo below of the actual room to Kinkos, had them copy and enlarge the painting of the ship hanging over the fireplace, so she could frame it and hang over the mantle.

Max, pictured below at NNO 2010 in Leonard Park, built the display cases for both projects.

Judy had fun decorating this house in modern style.

Carriage that goes with Pierce House













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