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Handy Man

 Handy Man

Bill Keefer is fantastic! He is incredibly reliable, reasonable prices, and very talented/capable of any type if job.

His contact number is 817-991-1208. I would highly recommend him and if he is not able to complete the work right away due to scheduling conflicts, he is more than worth the wait.

Good Luck!!

Bridgette Bumpas

Brady Overstreet 817-894-5392

I’ve used him on my own properties and I recommend him to clients regularly. Never had a complaint. Everyone seems to love him.

Leigh York


I have used, since the late 60’s, Mr. Al Randall with Dell May Corp. He is not a handyman but he owns a home repair/construction company and supplies and “oversees” whatever you need done. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He and his men are honest and hard working. I have been away from home many times and turned my house over to him for the necessary repairs. I also think he is reasonable in price. Please call me if you have any questions and if you call him, please tell him I recommended him to you.

Al Randall at Dell May Corp: 817-919-5975 (the best time to reach him is about 7 or 7:30 a.m.)

Connie Cruce

We use Joe Black and would recommend him. Phone 817-797-7050


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