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Gas Well Info

Latest info on Ridgmar Gas Well

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             Gas Well Info
The ultimate goal of the Ridgmar unit drilling remains at around nine wells. There are currently 4 wells under Ridgmar and 1 under Ridglea North. The tanks on our site are to hold frac liquid flow back from our well until it is trucked off. The pipeline was completed in March 2013. The route is west between the apartments with a cross under I-30 east of the Ridglea Pool and then west along Calmont to Cherry Lane. 

 If there are any spills, or other environmental issues, Chesapeake is responsible for all clean up at the site.

 The drill site has two - four tank batteries 8 feet tall 12 feet wide that retain captured “saltwater” (their euphemism for highly contaminated water) retrieved from fracking (hydraulic fracturing of the shale) until hauled off to disposal wells off site. At times this will require many trucks in and out of the site. Saltwater will always be contained and never sprayed into the atmosphere to allow evaporation. If spilled on the ground, it will be handled as toxic waste and cleaned up accordingly.

 No condensation tanks are required at the site, as there is very little to any oil or other hydrocarbons in Tarrant County gas—considered a “dry gas.” There will is a separator and dehydrator to separate the water from the gas.

 There is an open “frac pond” where clean city water is contained until pumped into the wells for fracing.

 Fortunately, they no longer do “Burn Offs”—the 100-foot high column of flames we saw shooting up above the Shady Oaks well site a years ago which undoubtedly put tons of pollutants into the air.



When drilling new wells, Chesapeake will drill 24 hours per day 7 days a week to insure well bore integrity. Depending on rig availability, they may drill more than one well at a time. The well bore has five layers from the center of the production tubing to the outer case. The state law only requires the bore to be cemented and cased 50 feet past the nearest aquifer. Chesapeake will cement and case the bore 200–250 feet past the aquifer to insure no contaminants enter the water table.


Drilling takes 20 days per well (24/7). Fracking takes 3–10 days per well (6 A.M.–7 P.M. only). The site will support up to 12 wells. They need 10 wells to fully develop Ridgmar.  Wells are fraced only one time. It takes millions of gallons of water. Half of the contaminated “saltwater” is recovered in a month or so. At first, many trucks per day will be required to haul it off. The outflow of saltwater gradually decreases to the point it only requires one truck per day or so to dispose of it. It takes 20-30 years for the remainder of the water to be recovered during gas production. That said, remember, there may be up to 10 wells on the site, so heavy truck traffic in and out of the site will be a way of life for many years.



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