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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Note: while there are quite a few companies with good recommendations to choose from, there are 2 listings below in red that people have had problems with.


If anyone needs a recommendation for a foundation company, Perm-a-Pier is wonderful, they have done three houses and ours and can't say enough good things about them.

Perma-Pier is the company who did my foundation work in 2009. About 5 months later, they had to come back and add more piers. I was told at that time they would not be able to raise it anymore as it would affect the integrity of the house. In a few months, it was necessary for me to call them again when I noticed the bricks separating as they had initially, (some as much as 2 inches), on the side of my house. I was told they were "done" with me. My son called them and was told they raised the house too much and there was nothing they could do about it. As you know, these companies brag "big time" about their lifetime warranty which, apparently, in my case, means nothing.

Atlas Foundation does my work.


I use Atlas Foundation and I have been very happy with them.

Ask for Bobby Jeter


Cassie McBee

Atlas Foundation

Lonnie Ford

817 235-3526

They have been is business over 35 years and have repaired quite a few in Ridgmar.

MBR Foundation or Anchor Foundation are both good, reputable companies. As a REALTOR, I’ve dealt with a number of foundation companies. These are my favorites.

Leigh York


We had Bryce Jenkins from Advanced Foundation Repair come to our home a few years ago. We really liked him. He knows what he's talking about, his company stands behind what they do, and they try to do the best job while also being mindful of being economical for the consumer. His cell number is (972) 339-8239 and the company number is (214) 333-0003. The initial consultation is free. Good luck!

Inca Road

We have used Brown Foundation Repair-

I used G.L. Hunt a number of years ago at 1916 Dakar Road East and I would never use them again. They come back time after time and never solve the problem.


Elwood McKinney


We have just had foundation repair done by Accurate Foundation and was very pleased and impressed with the extra care they took to contain dust and dirt from drilling piers inside the house. 817-561-9339 www.steelpiers.com They did a good job.

My experience with jacking up foundations in 2 houses has been horrible. Both houses fell after the first jacking up, causing more cracks in the house(s), and when I redid the one I'm in now, it fell again, causing yet more damage. The kind of soil that we have in Ridgmar is not conducive to holding the jacks and foundations in place. All of this land around here used to be under water, so we don't really have bedrock. We have the sand, shale (aha!), etc. soil found under water. You can go out and dig around in your yards and you will find little fossilized seashells and sand. It is NOT stable and will not hold. I don't plan to spend another $10,000 to have my house crash down again--and they do not honor their contracts. Believe me, after the second fall, they refused to come back or return my calls.


 Marcia King


Contractor Steve Birdsong, owner of Fort Worth Foundation Repair, installed a French drain for us, this past week. I will not go into details, but I felt inclined to warn our neighbors about this person/company. Though the work was done in a satisfactory manner, Mr. Birdsong continually tried to get more money out of us. I asked him to please call me to straighten out some ambiguities in the contract, but he didn’t return my call until much later, after his crew had started the job. Within hours he called me to notify me that he couldn’t do the job for the amount quoted (after we finally had obtained a contract). I told him that that was unacceptable and that I did not want to pay him more than we had agreed to. He kept pressuring me (42 texts and numerous phone calls in just 4 days) to pay him more, but I told him I planned to adhere to our contract. After finishing the job, Mr. Birdsong informed us that the entire amount was due immediately, by check. We pointed out that we’d like to use a credit card (he lists Master Card and Visa on his website), but he said that he was “switching banks” and that he currently was unable to run a credit card. I told him that that we could give him a 2500 dollar check upon completion of the job, and a check for the remaining 1500 at the end of the month. He did not like that at all and tried all kinds of ways to get me to pay the money in full. I told him that he was entitled to his money but that his website clearly stated that credit cards were accepted. He then said that he could charge my card (changing his story, which he did over and over), but that there would be additional taxes and fees. I told him that he could charge my card but that I was not going to pay for the extra charges, since that was never mentioned anywhere in the contract. Mr. Birdsong then told me that he would rather wait for his check at the end of the month. However, within hours he started texting me, stating that he wanted the money immediately, and that I should call to give him my CC number. I said I would make a credit card payment in person, at his shop, with receipts signed by both parties. He then kept changing his story and sent his brother over to collect the money. I told his brother that I would pay Steve – not Kevin (the brother) – since I had no contract with Kevin. Steve and I finally agreed to a time and place to meet to make the final payment. He met me at a friend’s place that ran the card. The receipt he gave me was from an auto shop owner, not a foundation company. Though I have my doubts about the legality of that payment (on Steve’s end) I accepted a written note from Mr. Birdsong that stated that I had paid him in full. At that point I just wanted to be done with him. Even when I made the final payment he was hinting at my paying him more. Since Steve was referred to us we did not check him out on the web and BBB – our mistake! He has 21 BBB complaints against him (some were solved), and we found testimonies (lawsuits) from several people warning against Steve Birdsong/Fort Worth Foundation Repair. Steve Birdsong is the reason why foundation companies have a bad reputation. I will never recommend him to anyone. This, by the way, is the short version of last week’s events.
Robert August

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