Ridgmar Neighborhood Association

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Neighborhood Crime Watch 

 A neighborhood crime watch group typically covers one city block, both side of the street. Each group has a block captain and an alternate. Members meet periodically and work with police to reduce crime by:
·         watching each other’s homes
·         learning ways to increase personal safety and security of property
·         reporting suspicious persons and activities to police

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fortworthwestcops.com for info

Along with the crime watch signs installecd in the neighborhood, the Crime Prevention Specialist and our NPO Officer Watts suggest some educational meetings so all neighbors will be educated to what Crime Watch actually is. Also suggested:    .
  1. Keep all garage doors down, even in daylight.
  2. Use alarms daily if available.
  3. Display the security sign if you use an alarm company
  4. Lock all doors and windows when away from home – especially toward the back of the home.
  5. Clip any landscaping that is good cover for a criminal to hide in.
  6. Lock all cars and remove any item a criminal would break your windshield for. Items are not safe in the trunk as the open switch is in the car.
  7. Leave outside lights on at night.
  8. Shut all drapes in the front of your home – especially at night when visibility is high. (If a criminal can see a flat screen from the street at night he will most likely be back during the day to pick it up).
  9. Save all serial numbers from electronics and firearms – police will need these numbers to catch the criminal and possibly find and return your items.
  10. Use of RAPIDS issued by Officer Watts.
  11. Photograph or mark all of your jewelry.


To establish a Crime Watch group on your block, 50% of the homes must be represented. Before becoming an active Crime Watch group, the members must attend 2 Crime Watch meetings that will give everyone a better understanding of how to prevent a crime or not be a victim of a crime. 

Once these requirements have been met, a Crime Watch sign like the one depicted below will be installed on your block.

Contact FWPD Neighborhood Crime Prevention 
 Specialist is Kala Sloan at 817-991-8476 or kala.sloan@fortworthgov.org to schedule a meeting, or find out more about the program.
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