Ridgmar Neighborhood Association

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Adopted October 22, 1984 Amended 3 Dec 2013

1.0 Article I – Name


1.0       The Ridgmar Neighborhood Association is the name of this association.


2.0 Article II – Purpose


2.0  The purpose of the association is to protect the interests of the Ridgmar residents and homeowners regarding the well being and quality of the Ridgmar neighborhood as a residential community.


3.0 Article III – Interpretation


3.1       In these bylaws, the masculine includes the feminine and vice versa.3.2      In these bylaws, “Ridgmar Neighborhood Association” will be abbreviated as “RNA.”

3.3  In these bylaws, “member” shall be any adult member of any family that is a member of the Ridgmar Neighborhood Association.


4.0 Article IV – Area


4.0 Article IV – Area4.1        Area Represented: The RNA represents the residential area of the Ridgmar Addition to the City of Fort Worth, Texas as generally bounded to the South by Interstate 30, to the West by Green Oaks Road, to the North by King’s Branch Creek, and to the East by the City of Westover Hills, Texas.


5.0  Article V – Membership


5.1  Qualifications: Each member family shall be an owner of a single-family home in Ridgmar. All adult members of a dues paying  household shall be considered RNA members.


5.2  Dues: Annual dues shall be ten dollars ($10) per  household. The annual dues amount may be altered by the RNA membership by a majority vote of the RNA membership at any regular meeting. Membership dues shall run the fiscal year (1 Oct-30 Sep).


6.0 Article VI – Meetings of Members


6.1  Regular Meetings: Semi annual meetings of the general RNA membership shall be held in the second and forth quarter. 6.2           Special Meetings: Special meetings of the general RNA membership may be called by the RNA president or by any three sector vice-presidents.

6.3  Notices of Regular Meetings: Written notices of the regular annual meeting shall be published in an RNA flyer delivered and/or emailed to members at least one week prior to the meeting.

6.3  Notices of Special Meetings: Notices of special meetings of the general RNA membership shall be published in a RNA flyer delivered and/or emailed at least one week prior to the meetings except in such cases as urgent action precludes such notice.

6.4  Voting: Voting at all meetings shall be based on one vote per dues paying member household as defined in Article V, Section 5.1. Decisions shall be as determined by a majority of the votes cast by members. In the event of tie votes, the RNA president shall cast the deciding vote.

6.5  Meeting Times and Places: Meetings of the RNA shall be held at times and places selected by the RNA president or Executive Board. Such meetings shall be held at locations within two miles of Ridgmar.


7.0 Article VII – Executive Board


7.1  Membership: Routine affairs of the RNA shall be managed by an Executive Board composed of the elected officers of the RNA.

7.2  Alternates: Alternates for any RNA officer shall be elected from the general membership by the Executive Board to replace any officer who resigns or becomes unable to serve during the year. Alternates thus elected shall serve the remaining term.

7.3  Powers and Duties: The Executive Board shall have the powers and duties necessary or convenient for the administration of the affairs of the RNA in achieving its goals.


8.0 Article VIII – Officers and Duties


8.1  Officers: The officers of the RNA shall consist of a President, two Sector Vice-presidents from each RNA sector (NW, SW, NE and SE with Ridgmar Boulevard the east/west division and Genoa the north/south division), a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Executive Board, as defined by Article VII 7.2, may elect other non-voting officers during the year as may become necessary to conduct the affairs of the association.


8.2 Election of Officers: A Nominating Committee comprised of at least two members of the RNA Executive Board shall be elected annually by the Executive Board. The Nominating Committee will choose its own chairman. Although all dues paying RNA Members are eligible, candidates will first be selected from residents that have volunteered their time and/or services to the RNA. This committee shall present a proposed slate of nominees to the Executive Board at the Board Meeting prior to the annual General Membership Meeting for discussion. The proposed slate of officers shall be approved by a majority vote of Board members. Notification of the proposed slate of officers shall be included in the written notification of the annual General Membership Meeting. At the November General Membership Meeting, the chairman of the Nominating Committee shall present the proposed Slate of officers. The General Membership who have paid their dues at the time the vote is taken (one vote per household) will vote to accept or not accept the presented slate of Officers. The election shall be by show of hands. Nominations from the floor shall not be accepted at the General Membership Meeting. Officers shall serve for a nominal period of one year until new officers are elected at the next annual General Membership Meeting.

8.3  President: The President shall be the chief executive of the RNA and shall administer the affairs of the RNA subject to the orders of the Executive Board. The President may appoint standing and temporary committees and may prescribe their respective duties. The President shall preside at all RNA General Membership Meetings and at meetings of the Executive Board. The President shall either represent or appoint representatives of the RNA in contacts with other organizations as necessary to conduct the affairs of the RNA. The President shall approve all expenditures of RNA funds. In cases of emergency, the President shall sign RNA bank account checks if the Treasurer is unable to perform this duty. In such cases, approval of the Executive Board shall be obtained for such disbursement of RNA funds.

8.4  Sector Vice-presidents: The Sector Vice-presidents shall represent their respective RNA sectors at all Executive Board meetings. Sector Vice-presidents shall be responsible for identification of problems requiring RNA action for their sectors. Sector Vice-presidents shall be responsible for all necessary organizations of sector memberships as may be necessary to meet the objectives of the RNA.

8.4a The Sector Vice President shall appoint Block Captains for each block in his/her Sector to welcome new neighbors, disseminate information and coordinate with the residents on their block.

8.5       Secretary: The Secretary shall conduct the correspondences of the RNA, issue notices of meetings, and keep minutes of general membership and Executive Board meetings. The Secretary shall be custodian of non-financial records of the RNA and shall perform other duties as directed by the Executive Board. The Secretary shall be responsible for publication of RNA flyers.The President may appoint an Assistant Secretary to assist the Secretary or a Temporary Secretary in the absence of the Secretary.

8.6       Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect membership dues and other funds for the collection and disbursement of all funds and property of the RNA subject to the orders of the Executive Board and approval by the President. The Treasurer shall maintain a checking account in the name of the RNA in a local bank with the signatures of the Treasurer and the President and/or designated Vice President on the account. The Treasurer shall maintain a current record of members. The Treasurer shall obtain approval of the RNA president of all bills before paying them. Under normal circumstances, the Treasurer shall sign all checks of the RNA. In cases of emergency, the President or designated Vice President may also sign checks for the RNA when the Treasurer is unable to perform this duty, subject to approval of the Executive Board.

8.7  Vacancies: The Executive Board shall fill all vacancies in any and all offices as stated in Article 7.2.

8.8  Removal of Officers: Either the general membership or the Executive Board may remove officers with a three-fourths majority vote.

8.9  Other: RNA officers shall not hold any elected or appointed state or local government position that has authority or jurisdiction over neighborhood issues.


9.0 Article IX – Amendments


9.0  These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the general membership at any regular meeting of the membership provided that notice of such meeting contains notice of the proposed amendment or amendments to be voted upon at the meeting.


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