Ridgmar Neighborhood Association

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Block Captains

idgmar is divided into 4 Sectors, NW, SW, NE and SE. Ridgmar Boulevard is the east/west division and Genoa is the north/south division. Each Sector has 2 Sector Vice Presidents. There are one or more Block Captains on each street to assist the Sector VPs disseminate information and coordinate with the residents on their block. We are looking for volunteers for vacant blocks. Contact admin@ridgmar.net, or one of the sector VPs if you would like to be a block captain.

Block Captains are where the rubber meets the ramp, as we used to say in the Air Force. They are the eyes and ears of their block and the immediate point of contact between individual residents and the RNA. Block Captains are the first RNA representative to meet new neighbors, and the most likely to feel the pulse of their block and know if problems or issues are affecting their area. Block Captains keep the residents on their block informed through email or flyers.  

Following is a list of Block Captains. Click on "Officers" page for complete list of Sector Vice Presidents and contact info.

                                     Ridgmar Neighborhood Association Block Captains as of 1 Dec 2015
NW Sector                  
Block Name Phone Email
Aden (President) 1500 Larry Patterson 817-732-8683 pukacat@sbcglobal.net
Ems W 1600 Sandra Pound 817-732-5873 sandralb06@sbcglobal.net
Genoa: N Trafalgar-Ridgmar      
Inca W (NW Sector VP) Tami Ellis 817-456-7391 tami.ellis@sbcglobal.net 
Juneau W 6408 Jill Rasmussen jeanrasmussen@sbcglobal.net
Klamath W 6416 John Hall 817-707-2875 johnandreahall@gmail.com
Lansdale W 6417 Stephanie Patterson 817-312-2977 steph0123@gmail.com
Montego  1116 Royce Trout 817-763-0726 Royce@TheTrouts.net
Saxony 1501 Barbara Clark-Galupi 817-989-1522 babaclark@sbcglobal.net
Trafalgar 1509 David & Debbie Dena 817-377-2210 dubsdena@sbcglobal.net
Versailles 1509 Matt Winter 817-266-2920 mbwinter@hotmail.com
Versailles 1505 Scott McDonald 817-731-9401 scottmartinmcdonald@gmail.com
SW Sector
Block Name Phone Email
Genoa S: Green Oaks–Ems W. C. Morrison 817-737-8978 morrisonwc@att.net
Dakar: Genoa–Sevilla Patty Rudder 817-732-1263 copmother@sbcglobal.net
Dakar: Sevilla - Aden Karen Casey 817-874-7379 PhoeBeclarice@hotmail.com
Dakar: Aden-Ridgmar Mary Ray 817-707-3882 mary.ray@fwisd.org
Sevilla: Genoa–Dakar Shannon Booth 412-951-8866 booth.shannonm@gmail.com
Malibar: Genoa–Dakar Steve Bomar 817-905-9241 sbomar@stevebomar.com
Granada: Ems–Dakar Jim Diggs 817-731-1601 diggshomes@usa.net
Ems: Genoa–Aden Donnie Keller 817-932-4900 donniekeller@reatarealty.net
Ems: Aden - Ridgmar Debbie Stevenson 817-731-8530 ridgmar@flash.net
Aden: Genoa–Dakar Jason Pierce 817-688-1147 robertjasonpierce@hotmail.com
Versailles: Genoa–Ems Molly Rockett 817-727-6224 merockett@gmail.com
Ridgmar Blv.       
Saxony: Genoa–Ems Ed Renner 817-738-6925 edrenner@swbell.net
SE Sector
Block Name                                  Phone Email
Dakar E, Calais, Taxco Alex McClung 817-737-6979 acmcclung@sbcglobal.net
Ems E: Firth - Ridgmar Vacant    
Firth Holly Thiebaud 817-683-9106 jhthiebaud@att.net
Genoa E (Ems E to Westover) Mary Kathryn Kelly 817-271-8134 mkbk65@aol.com
Genoa E (Ridgmar to Ems E) Susie Phillips 817-239-7778 mesweetpea2300@yahoo.com
Ridgmar Blv. E (SE Sec VP) Chris Stewart 817-735-1817 cstewart@cbcworldwide.com
NE Sector
Block Name Phone Email
Halifax 6309: Ridgmar – Ems E Pete Stegmaier 817-223-2453 peter.stegmaier@gmail.com
Inca E 6329 Shay Cates 817-732-8150 sfcates@att.net
Juneau E 6217 Ruth Ann Bell 817-377-9625 ruthabe8@sbcglobal.net
Klamath E 6251 Caren Parten 817-731-2956 caren@brantsrealtors.com
Lansdale E 6358 Suzanne Kent 817-732-4130 sfask@hotmail.com
Montego Ct. 6370 Mary Katherine Nolan  817-739-2006 mknolan@libero.it
Montego Ct. 6362 Blair Hamburg  817-614-6149 hogbhh@sbcglobal.net
Newport Ct. 6371 CeCe Miles 817-738-8153 cece.miles@yahoo.net
Pamlico 6324 Jill Jennings 817-731-9244 jilljnnngs@sbcglobal.net
Indian Creek 6305 Stephanie Brentlinger 817-737-3570 sbrentlinger@sevillefarms.com

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